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Alexis Hunt 

Creative Director/Marketing Director/Senior Producer

Devin Donnell

IT Specialist/Software Developer

Morgan Jordan

Financial Analyst/Accountant/Bookkeeper

Fabian Pacheco

Visual Director/Producer/Graphic Designer

Eric MrIAmDigital Wilson

Visual Director/Producer/Graphic Designer

Ejja Pahlevi

Creative Director/Visual Director/Graphic Designer

Troy Gewant

Visual Director/Graphic Designer


Visual Director/Creative Director

Corey Higgins

Visual Director/Creative Director

Jay Life

Visual Director

Majic Manny

Stylist/Visual Director

Travis J

Graphic Designer

Stefanie Lutecia

Stylist/Creative Director/Cosmetics

Joe Milburn

Music Production/Graphic Design

Endia Hunt

Creative Writing/Graphic Designer

Stephen D Lane

Photographer/Video Director & Editor
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